Wsus last status report not updating sccm

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Now, right-click on the System Management container we just created and click Properties.

If there is a corporate firewall between WSUS and the Internet, you may need to configure your firewall to ensure that WSUS can obtain updates.Here are my finding why updates cannot be deployed to the clients.As you probably know in order for SCCM to install updates it has to know what updates are already installed.The difference was that this deployment in particular was for an UPDATE instead of a standard software deployment.In checking the clients file, I saw these errors: DUH!Then click Advanced then set the Apply to: This object and all descendant objects. Next, we’ll need to Delegate Control of this container to the Computer Account of the SCCM server.

Open up AD Users and Computers (Start Active Directory Users and Computers). We’ll need this enabled for us to view the System Management container we just created.The windows update client seems to be having trouble grabbing the installation file from the wsus server even though the names are correct and the clients have full access to the directories.For now I am having to manually copy the file (after renaming it to 10586.0.151029-1700.th2_release_CLIENTPRO_RET_x64fre_to the c:\Windows\Software Distribution\Downloade71a052404de5be507e0b8fa84eeed folder.I forgot to put this client in the SCCM WSUS GPO that I created (we have a GPO in our domain for standard WSUS and SCCM WSUS).Added the client to the proper GPO, rebooted the PC, ran a Software Updates Scan Cycle and Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle and the errors disappeared, the deployment succeeded and all 3 PC’s showed in the console as Compliant! article aims to demonstrate how to configure WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) 4.0 on Windows Server 2012 quickly and easily.