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decided to start up a radio station to address and target the lucrative farming market. The "World's Largest Store" slogan was also used by Macy's department store, and these bats are often confused to be sold by them.

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Your experiences will greatly help both prospective patients and those who have already had surgery…– Many prospective patients fail to consider how interactions with friends, family, partners and colleagues will change after surgery.– Patients who have already had surgery need to know that others are going through the same thing and how to handle it What changes did YOU notice after surgery with the following people…1) Your partner or spouse2) Family3) Dating4) People at work5) People you don’t know well (i.e.

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Higgins line of baseball bats, Sears also sold bats with the "Worlds Largest Store" center brand, removing the Electric Bolt "WLS" logo.

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From 1908 until 1961 Sears, Roebuck & Company sold a wide variety of sporting goods, under the brand name "J. Higgins." John Higgins was the manager of the headquarters' office bookkeepers. The 4 digit 1600 model numbers were exclusively used for baseball gloves after this time. They never sold a privately branded Macy's baseball bat.

In 1908 John Higgins consented to Sears the use of his name for a new line of sporting goods. The 1700 model numbers were exclusive to Sears baseball bats even after 1961, when sears introduced the Ted Williams brand of sporting goods, replacing the J. The WLS "World's Largest Store" Baseball bat models included: Big League Baseball Bats; model 1706 as advertised "similar in size & balance to the bat used by Babe Ruth" (but it doesn't note if this line of bats were signature models), 1708 (Roger Hornsby) 1709 (Eddie Collins) 1705 (Ty Cobb) 1700 Lefty O'doul, and 1713 Al Simmons. "WLS" League Bat 1712, "WLS" Youths' Professional Bat AKA Favorite Bat 1714, "WLS" Junior League Bat 1716, and the 1717, 1721 Official Indoor Bats.

When the station signed on in 1924 they broadcasted farm reports and weather information. Higgins signature model bats with the 1702-1707 model numbers, that were made for Sears by "The maker of the famous Louisville Slugger Bats." This would lead to the conclusion that the Hillerich & Bradsby Co. This could be dismissed as Macy's used a 5 digit catalog number starting with "43," for their sporting goods, and the 4 digit 1700 catalog numbers, clearly belong to Sears.