Who is tiffany evans dating

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Who is tiffany evans dating - keezys 10 awesome rules for teenaged dating

Evans and Collins have been rumored to be dating since last month when they were spotted at dinner together.

I'm grown now (I'm grown) I'm grown now Got my own money You ain't gonna run me I ain't no dummy I'm grown now (yea...) I...

I'm grown now (I'm grown) I can't believe, they tryna block me But your still playing them games I thought you'd be Up in my lead but no you can't compete Back up don't touch gotta give me 50 feet Cause I'm on another level I'm bringing things to life like I'm Japetto This is the last time that I'm gonna tell you I'm doing it big now, you wanna piece let it go You wonder why I'm so cold You coulda been more involved but no I'm not the girl that you knew before I can't believe you didn't know I'm grown I'm grown now Certified and all that You say want you want You can't take a thing from me I'm grown now (oh) I...

I'm grown now (I'm grown) Aye tiff yo big brotha got you, it's nothing You push one hand to the cloud then back to the wind Bow and tiff evans is back at it again Yea ma you grown go on and let you rims spin yea You got ya lil premiers These 50 lil days go on and let you paint drip (drip drip drip) Tell your parents don't trip And with ya girls go on ya lil trips It's your world lil mama it's your life to live Believe that I'm not those girls your used to dating I gotta unique situation (I'll tell you the truth) You can travel the world but you'll never find Someone (that does what I do) I'll have you open cause I'm grown now Certified and all that You say want you want You can't take a thing from me I'm grown now (oh) I...

Tiffany Evans has been laying low for what seems like a lifetime.

But the barely legal starlet is back with a new EP and a baby in the oven.

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Keri Hilson has finally opened up about her sad split with NBA baller Serge Ibaka with Rolling Out Magazine.

However, let us know below if you notice anything in the snaps clips…

Read More Beyonce may be on a chart hiatus, but she isn’t letting pregnancy dim her limelight. The megastar is due to give birth to twins within the coming months and has spent the time since her January announcement showing that she can still look fly.

The singer says she thought she had found someone who was an “exception” but was disappointed to find out he wasn’t the one…

I think I am an exception to the rule when people think of R&B “divas.” I thought I found someone who’s also an exception. It was on my list of “not to dos” — no rappers, no actors and no ball players.

I broke my rule because I thought I found someone different …

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