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Jerry adopted Sharon’s three daughters, and the four-year-old Eilleen became Eilleen Twain.

“I learned a lot about myself, and my voice, both because I’d been having a lot of problems with my voice prior and because this was a real plunge into the unknown,” she explained.

Not long ago you spent a few weeks surfing in Hawaii. Kip Moore: I try to go at least once or twice a year, and I'll go to Costa Rica a couple times a year too. Glamour: Switching gears back to music, fill us in on your new album, . I know my fan base, and I know how much they're going to love this record.

Glamour: Let's talk about the music video for "I'm to Blame." The ruffled blue throwback suits were epic. Kip: It was great—and yeah, the whole video was my idea.

On August 28, 1965, Eilleen Regina Edwards—who would later change her name to Shania Twain—was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Her parents divorced when she was young, but her mother, Sharon, soon remarried, to a man named Jerry Twain, a member of the Ojibwa tribe.

It had been 18 months since we last sat down with singer-songwriter Kip Moore and a lot has changed for the ruggedly handsome country music star (namely, more fans and more fame). It's a very aggressive record at times, and I feel it takes you on a journey.

As his second sophomore album, Glamour: Country star by night, surfer dude by day! I don't think about a whole lot when I'm out there. I was driven by sports my whole life, and I have that mentality that I want to be great at it and trying to get better at it. It can be very ethereal at times, and it can feel like a dream at one moment, and then the next it can make you want to rage.

PHOTOS: Biggest cheating scandals After a slight hesitation, Twain, 49, quipped: "I wish I'd never met you." Quick recap: Thiebaud had an affair with Twain's husband and her chief musical producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, which ended their 17-year marriage in June 2010.

The singer revealed what she would say to Thiebaud if she ever ran into her during the show's Plead the Fifth segment.

It also didn’t help that she developed dysphonia, which left her virtually unable to sing, prompting physical therapy for her voice.

SHANIA TWAIN SAYS HER NEW MUSIC IS 'PAINFUL' But fast forward to 2017, the now 51-year-old Canadian country crooner is doing just fine.

(1997) went on to sell 40 million records, making it the bestselling album by a female artist, as well as the top country music record.

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