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The magazine founded by the legendary musician/producer Quincy Jones, was created on the pulse of our music, as it was riding the of television, radio, film and fashion becoming charged with the electricity of the streets.

Or maybe she As Casey tells it, she suspected that something “unkosher” was going on between 38-year-old John Dee, the man she thought was her boyfriend, and her 56-year-old aunt, Libet Johnson, even before the three of them traveled to Cambodia in January to visit Sovann Komar, the orphanage that Libet had established in Phnom Penh in 2003.Tipped off to intimate e-mails, Johnson & Johnson heiress and Hilton sidekick Casey Johnson, 26, accused her aunt, famously private socialite Libet Johnson, 56, of stealing her 38-year-old boyfriend. Looking back on the whole affair now, Casey Johnson admits there was a moment when she could have just kept her mouth shut; when she could have “taken the high road.” She smiles, and glances at the crowd of ladies gathered for afternoon tea in the lounge of the Carlyle hotel, in New York.Yes, she could have said nothing when, she claims, the e-mails.Cooking methods (baked or fried in ancient hearths, portable colonial/pioneer Dutch ovens, modern ovens), pastry composition (flat bread, flour/fat/water crusts, puff paste, milles feuilles), and cultural preference (pita, pizza, quiche, shepherd's, lemon meringue, classic apple, chocolate pudding).All figure prominently into the complicated history of this particular genre of food.Test a button’s bakelite authenticity by spraying a Q-tip with 409 cleaner and rubbing it against the button. 1950s: If the button is clear, you’re most likely looking at lucite, a transparent type of plastic invented in 1931.

Lucite buttons were most popular on garments of the ’50s.

The derivation of the word may be from magpie, shortened to pie.

The explanation offered in favour or this is that the magpie collects a variety of things, and that it was an essential feature of early pies that they contained a variety of ingredients." ---The Oxford Companion to Food, Alan Davidson, 2nd edition, Tom Jaine editor [Oxford University Press: Oxford] 2006 (p.

This new culture gave rise to stars, and none shone brighter than Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

It was July of 1993, while we were moving into our new VIBE offices on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, we faced the excitement, the energy and the fear of which articles to include in our forthcoming September 1993 debut issue.

Today’s post is different than the rest because it teaches you five easy ways to identify a garment’s most probable era based on construction details like buttons, zippers, seams, sleeves and lining.

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