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For Noel Fielding is one of surreal comedy’s 24-carat originals: a worthy heir to The Goons, Monty Python and (yes) Kenny Everett, and a match for the great Eddie Izzard.He won the Perrier best newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1998 – as half of oddball duo The Mighty Boosh, with Julian Barratt – and, four years later, made the main-prize shortlist with with his solo début, the intoxicating shot of pastoral eccentricity Voodoo Hedgehog.

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“I made this the other day,” says Fielding, in those breezily honeyed tones of his. “If Lionel Messi wore Kiss make-up, that’s what he’d look like,” Fielding says firmly, roaring with laughter.Noel Fielding is a terrible, terrible human being, perhaps one of the most repugnant, on a personal level, on this whole list.The first thing that catches my eye upon entering Noel Fielding’s north-London studio is a cartoonishly bizarre rubber mask, perched atop a limbless female mannequin, daubed with zombie-like flourishes of paint and crowned with a daft shock of green hair.Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Luxury Comedy) is embarking on his first live tour in five years: An Evening With Noel Fielding.Expect a magical mix of Noel's unique brand of stand up comedy, live animation, music and some of Fielding's best known TV characters (such as The Moon and Fantasy Man).You'd be a fool to miss out, come along, bring your nan, fancy dress optional.

By themselves, Russell Brand and Noel Fielding are very different people.Fielding’s response to this stream of invective was “Ha Ha Ha ha this is a Frankenstein moment. Anyway, so that’s just a minor thing, shook artists sending their fanbase to attack published critics has existed ever since Queen Mary wrote on a scroll to Melody Maker asking “was your scribe even at the same Thomas Tallis recital as me?”But the other day, Fielding was on some ebony and ivory shit on Twitter noticing that people around the world are all the same, and if you disagreed you must be “retarded”.He has appeared in the movies and TV series like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Unnatural Acts and many more.Tall and talented, Noel Fielding was born in the early 1970s in Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom to English parents.’ It’d be amazing, really frightening.” The chances of Argentina’s star footballer ever representing his great nation while slathered in Estée Lauder are, admittedly, slim.

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