Who is dustin hoffman dating

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Who is dustin hoffman dating

The actor reportedly split from his longtime girlfriend Jordan Klein late last year because of their busy schedules.Hill celebrated his 28th birthday earlier this week at a star-studded party attended by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Zooey Deschanel.

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After Dustin left for drama school in New York, Lisa used to see him every year or so when he came back to LA to visit his family.

Scroll down for more Slender and publicity-shy, with a mane of tight curls that she has straightened for our photo shoot, Lisa has none of the diva traits you might expect of a woman married to one of the most famous actors of our generation.

She has a penchant for simple Prada knits and metallic ballet pumps, and the warmth she exudes makes her feel more like a good friend than an A-lister.

Dustin says he never had any doubts about the film’s box-office potential.

‘Quartet is no different from a film about dancers or athletes in that it’s about having an extraordinary gift that goes and then no one wants you any more.

He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1980 for Kramer vs. Widely considered one of the finest actors in history, Hoffman first drew critical praise for starring in the play, Eh?

, for which he won a Theatre World Award and a Drama Desk Award."We'd have to go into a room for three months and rewrite it," Hoffman said, saying that is exactly what they did."We finished and I got offered a writing credit and stupidly turned it down," Hoffman said, "but it was a liberating experience for me to push all the stuff I was going through out there." More tears welled when he began talking about the child actor, Justin Henry, who played Billy and landed the part with no acting experience.Jonah also has the comedy Good Time Gang with Mark Wahlberg later this year, and he'll play himself in the ensemble comedy, The End of the World, also starring James Franco, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Danny Mc Bride, and Aziz Ansari. He once recalled in an interview: ‘We were walking in Central Park with her grandmother, and she turned to Lisa and said, “Do you remember what you said to me that day after he got up and walked away? ’ ‘I don’t have 100 per cent strengths as a parent, my kids will be the first to tell you,' he once told The Daily Telegraph.The burgeoning romance could explain why Jonah was spotted vacationing with the Hoffman family in Hawaii over the holidays.