Who is dana bash dating

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Who is dana bash dating - dating older guys and younger women

She formerly produced some CNN's weekend programs such as Inside Politics, Late Edition, and Evans & Novak.She was in the limelight after her coverage of some important stories such as the arrest of Saddam Hussein, the Hurricane Katrina, and CIA intelligence leak investigation news.

Dana was first married to Jeremy Bash, a former CIA chief, and after her, divorce, with him, she tied the knot to John King, CNN’s chief national correspondent but that relationship also did not work out for her and they got separated.Her whole reporting career has been subject to many complications but she has still stayed strong despite all the odds.After following her through her entire career one really wonders how on earth does this woman live with her husband!She gained massive fame due to her notable works in the media sector.After her whopping success in life, she was honored by Elle Magazine in March 2014 at the Italian Embassy in the US.The exact reason behind Jeremy and Dana’s divorce has not been disclosed by the couple.

It is said that despite the divorce, Jeremy and Dana are still good friends.

Source: The Washington Post At that time Spencer was single and when he was once shopping with Susanna Quinn to buy a suit that he wanted to wear in an event with with co-star Kevin Spacey, he asked Quinn if she knew any smart and single lady.

She instantly replied, “Yes, the smartest single woman alive: Dana Bash.” Quinn must have been a cupid at this point that she has made these two people from different backgrounds meet and be together.

They were married for nine successive years but unfortunately the couple got a divorce.

According to an article in Washington examiner, Dana was in an extra-marital affair with John King which is why she got separated from her first husband.

Currently, there are rumors of her dating actor Spencer Garrett. Dana and Jeremy tied the knot in 1998 in National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington.