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The sun has set on the 2016-17 ski season at Nub's Nob.

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Whoever's card is the highest wins, if you lose you have to tip me 100tkns after.

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Chances are that you’re annoyed, at least to some degree, by the fact that you have to move your mouse or press a button on your keyboard to get rid of a screen saver on your computer. Open up Notepad and write the following code in it, but don’t save yet: Save As…” and selecting “All Files” under the file type drop-down list.

With this data, it will become possible that people can search exactly what they're looking for.

For example, a woman who is interested in having plastic surgery can enter her own measurements, and could also enter her desired implant type, and the database will search for the women who are in the database who have similar measurements and have had the same implants.

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When screen savers are killed, it takes some time until your desktop shows, even on a mid-range system that functions decently. You can set the “tolerance” for the camera there to a lower level if you feel like you need it to be more reactive. This code tells the computer to press “Enter.” Name it anything you want, but be sure to attach “.wsf” to the end of it, telling Windows that it’s a script. Go back to Yaw Cam and get back to that “Actions” tab. Select “Run .exe” and click “Settings.” In the text field, type the path where your “.wsf” file is found.

This annoying little thing would be so much less annoying if only you could program your webcam somehow to spot when there’s movement and then just turn off the screen saver, right? Let’s start by installing Yaw Cam, an application that lets you have more control over your webcam and do some really cool stuff to it – like turning it into a motion sensor. The blue line under the preview is the tolerance threshold. Also click “Activate” under “Flood Control” to make sure you won’t run this action a ton of times when the camera detects motion.

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