Validating vat numbers

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Validating vat numbers - dating someone who is paranoid

DE, NL, AT) followed by a number (some countries also have additional characters in it).Example: The VAT ID of Laserworld is DE258030001Do not enter the tax ID of your local country!

For test: For live: Calls and references: Validate Tax Number Appearance guidelines: The field should appear before the payment details entry part of the checkout and above the final amount field.

Simply pass your customers IP address from your application to our API and we'll return a JSON or XML object of all the current EU VAT rates for that country, or if you already know their country you can lookup the rates from the 2 digit country code.

Validating VAT numbers in realtime is a useful way to determine if a customer is who they say they are, and is essential in determining if your selling to a consumer i.e. Information returned is based on the European Commission VIES service therefore is realtime and up-to date.

So it is advisable to consult a tax accountant You can use to only show the VAT field if a user, for example, enters something in the "company field". Another idea(not tested yet), only show the VAT field if the user has selected an european country.

For commercial transactions between companies in different countries of the European Union the VAT (Value Added Tax) is not charged.

In germany for example you need to check the VAT over a goverment page that forces a check against name, street, plz ....

If you do not do that here you are not legally secured and if people fraud you by using other company VATS you have to pay the VAT (19%) by yourself.

To proof the existance of a company and to ensure the legalty of transactions, the VAT ID has been established.

The VAT ID is a number beginning with the country code of the very country (e.g.

Although this applies to UK business it may apply to other member states.

If you are invoicing in any other currency other than your local currency it is a requirement to show the converted amount in your local currency on your VAT invoices, read here for clarification.

Taxamo determines whether the customer is a business by validating the business registration number, if one is supplied.

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