Validating date c

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Validating date c

Its skipping the validation all together and just running the "magic date" part of it!Here's the rewrite plus my full code hopefully indented here properly as it is in Bloodshed.

In Sweden, there was a 30th February 1712; there were a bunch of mix-ups that lead to that state of affairs.

If it fails, the Type Validation Completed event handler displays an error message to the user.

If the value is a valid Date Time, the code performs an additional check to ensure that the date supplied is not prior to today's date.

Different countries switched between the Julian and Gregorian calendars at different times.

Many Roman Catholic countries in Europe switched in 1582; Britain and its colonies switched in 1752; Russia didn't switch until the 20th century (which is why the October Revolution occurred in November).

But if they are, then the dates from 1582-10-05 through 1582-10-14 are invalid dates.

IOW, truly functional/correct date validation is complex.

This section contains information related to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) data validation of the Part C and Part D reporting requirements.

Organizations contracted to offer Medicare Part C and Part D benefits are required to report data to CMS on a variety of measures.

if leap year is true then if day is between 1 and 29, inclusive return true if not leap year then if day is between 1 and 28, inclusive then return true end is Date Valid if is Date Valid is true then Calculate if the month times the year is equal to the year modulus 100 then output it is a magic date if it does not equal the year in 2 digit form then output that it is not a magic date else output error message Output Program ID end main The output needs to include the books data of 6/10/1960 */ #include using namespace std; bool leap Year(int); bool is Date Valid(int, int, int); int main() //end main // is Date Valid function to validate date entered bool is Date Valid(int month, int day, int year) // End is Date Valid // leap Year function to determine if the year is a leap year for validation bool leap Year(int year) // end leap Year above it, or you're going to always be setting validation to true if that final test (number of days in month) passes.

I'm reading a book about C programming, at the end of each chapter it has some training exercise and one of them was to make a program that tells if a date is valid or not, the code below is what I did and I would like to know if it can be improved? The first leap century was 1600, but they can be calculated for earlier centuries.

I'm pretty sure I am missing something obvious and could use anyones help on the subject. The problem is when I run it I am always getting that it is an invalid date!

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    The data validation is “retrospective,” referring to the fact that it normally occurs in the year subsequent to the measurement year.

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