Validating and non validating parsers with xml

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Validating and non validating parsers with xml - what is so wrong with interracial dating

The following table shows the rules for validation when the Validation Type property is set to Auto. DTD value is set, the Xml Validating Reader validates the document according to the DTD.

If external document type definitions (DTDs) or schemas are required for validation, the Xml Resolver property is used.Schema processing is done in parallel with parsing, by use of a SAX-like pipeline.The Validation Type property determines the type of validation performed by the Xml Validating Reader.The following tables outline the values for the Validation Type property.This is the default value for the Validation Type property.Saxonica recommends use of the Xerces parser from Apache in preference to the version bundled in the JDK, which is known to have some serious bugs.

By default, Saxon invokes the parser in non-validating mode (that is, without requested DTD validation).

Thus making me think that an XML file full of mistakes is well formated.

To go around this problem, I use the MSXML library provided by Microsoft to validate my XML files. Is there a way to precisely validate an XML source with the Chilkat component (I mean by that retrieving an error, when a tag is not well formed, or when an iso-8859-1 character is used in an utf-8 encoded XML file, for example). Years ago, the original need that prompted me to develop the XML parser was that the Microsoft XML parser was *very* slow in parsing very large XML files (files that were many megabytes in size with many nodes, i.e. The MS XML parser has since greatly improved in parsing speed, and this is no longer a factor.

Note however, that the parser still needs to read the DTD if one is present, because it may contain entity definitions that need to be expanded.

DTD validation can be requested using on the command line, or equivalent API or configuration options.

Question: It seems the XML component is very nice when parsing.

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