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These guides are generally for production setups, if you're developing for diaspora* you should know which steps are relevant to update your development setup.

First of all, head over to the downloads page and download the latest release of Open ELEC.

LED patterns) are reset to the original configuration, with the exception of the lock code; if you have already set a custom lock code, it will remain intact, instead of reverting to the default "12345".

Also, all information contained in which is the area visible in the default file manager (or when connecting to a computer), will remain intact.

In the Open ELEC settings you have the option to enable automatic or manual updates.

If Automatic updates option is enabled, Open ELEC will check online for an update.

If it finds one the update will be downloaded and prepared.

You will then be notified that a reboot is required to apply the update.So, obviously it would be great if you could somehow control the information on those pages.First the good news; the whole point of Wikipedia is that anybody can edit the content of pages – it’s a crowd-sourced encyclopedia.If you run on Postgre SQL and get a message about , open a new shell, and run it again.While it's fine to skip updates for minor versions, do not try to upgrade from one major version to another major version while skipping one or more in between.This page is not exactly a step-by-step instruction, so better read the whole page prior to starting the flashing process.

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