Updating pivot tables

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Updating pivot tables

I’ve been meaning to redo the original post with an example that uses tables, because it simplifies things a bit.This is that post — 100% plagiarized from the original when it makes sense to do so. However, it should work fine on Excel 2007 for Windows, too.

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Filtering data involves using specific criteria to limit what data is displayed by the Pivot Table.

Hide Pivot Items of Pivot Field located in a Pivot Table using a VBA Macro 12.

Moving and change orientation of Pivot Fields in a Pivot Table using VBA Macro 13.

Extract Data (Expand) from a Pivot Table using a VBA Macro 10.

Remove or Include Pivot Fields in a Pivot Table using a VBA Macro 11.

Refresh All Pivot Tables in a Workbook using VBA Macro 8.

Refresh All Pivot Tables in an Excel Sheet using VBA Macro 9.

Refer to a Pivot Item of a Pivot Field present in a Pivot Table directly using a VBA Macro 6.

Remove old (ghost) Items from a Pivot Table using VBA Macro 7.

Macs are a bit of a crap shoot, unfortunately (but you can always run Parallels, so I hear, and use Excel for Windows! This post describes (and includes a downloadable file of the example) a technique that I’ve used extensively to make short work of updating recurring reports.

Here are the criteria I was working against when I initially implemented this approach: .

If you change any of the text or numbers in your data set, you need to refresh the pivot table.

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