Updating ipod software different computer

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Updating ipod software different computer - are james lafferty and shantel vansanten dating

There are actually two ways to do this, the first is using the i OS device itself but there are caveats and limitations with that, and then there is the traditional method of downloading the update files directly from Apple without i Tunes, which is particularly helpful for those who rely on download managers or who are just encountering trouble with i Tunes automatic updates.We will cover both methods of obtaining i OS software without using i Tunes to download it, we’ll start with the easiest method of using the device itself to get the i OS update. Thanks to OTA (standing for Over The Air) updates, you can also download updates to i OS directly on an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch without even using i Tunes.

Two buttons will become visible inside the middle i Tunes window. If an update is available, an alert will open in i Tunes.If the device normally backs up to i Cloud but you want to also make a local backup, you force one manually simply by right-clicking on it in the Since you’re planning a major i OS update, it’s probably a good idea to make this additional manual backup even if your girlfriend is also backing up her device to i Cloud.i OS updates are normally non-destructive, but there are never any guarantees of this, so a recent backup should be considered a must.There is a caveat here though, and that is the device must be running system software later than version i OS 5.0, so older hardware may be left out.In any case, if you are running i OS 5 or later, you can use OTA to update i OS with no attachment to a computer or PC whatsoever.Apple doesn't release updates to the operating system that powers the i Pod as often as it does for the i Phone.

That makes sense; fewer i Pods are sold these days and new models come out less frequently, so there are fewer changes to make.

These updates can be downloaded and installed directly onto the i Pod.

In order to update the software on a 2nd generation i Pod, you will need to sync that portable device with the i Tunes software that is installed on your computer.

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