Updating id3 tag information with itunes

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Updating id3 tag information with itunes - miss dating

Now, inside i Tunes, you should see a Scripts menu (an icon of a scroll, just left of Help).

To do this, select all of the tracks in i Tunes you had analyzed and right click on your selection.

Fire up Script Editor (which is under Applications/Apple Script, but it will work with Text Edit).

Paste the following code, then save as a Script called /Library/i Tunes/Scripts/(create the Scripts directory if it doesn't already exist).

If you really really want to use Picard to rename/move your files.

Know that this will cause i Tunes to lose track of where all of these files are; meaning you will have to re-add them to the library (manually), which will take you hours and which may mean you will lose play counts and any other information that i Tunes keeps in its own library. This method is a bit more complicated to set up, but easy to use.

If you change your mind, press "Esc" to deactivate the field and return to the original information.

If the field corresponding to the tag you want to add is missing, click the "Add Field" button and select the field from the drop-down menu that appears. To apply the same tags to multiple songs at one time -- to group songs into an album, for example -- select them all, right-click any one of them and select "Get Info." When you do this, i Tunes may prompt you to confirm whether you want to edit information for multiple items. Check the check box labeled "Do Not Ask Me Again" to suppress any future confirmation prompts.If you did this you have just erased the tags written by MIK and any other info in that tag, and you need to delete your MIK collections and start over.(The following method doesn't seem to work for i Tunes 10.0.1 on Windows) There is another method of updating I just heard about from one of our forum members (thanks Derek:) If you click on the File tab and then choose "Add to Library" and select your i Tunes music folder, i Tunes will rescan your entire collection.Right click any song and select "Get Info" -- or press "Command-I" for Mac -- to open the song information window.After the window opens, click any of the labeled fields to activate it, type in the information you want to add and then press "Enter" to confirm.Hey guys :)I run windows, not sure if this was the right place to ask the question, but...

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