Updating facebook with twitter

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Updating facebook with twitter - julian casablancas and regina spektor dating

This will give you a blank slate for creating your app.There are a couple of new dependencies you'll need to add for later use. Dialog, a very useful library that ships with Xamarin.i OS. NET to parse JSON data that comes back from Twitter and Facebook.

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Imagine being able to update your social channels without having to type out your update.With the release of i OS 6, Apple extended this even further by creating a more general social framework that you can take advantage of, allowing for easy integration with several social-networking sites.Currently this framework comes with support for integrating with Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo./* settings */ $username = 'my User'; $password = '**********'; $format = 'xml'; //alternative: json $message = 'David Walsh\'s blog rocks!When Apple released i OS 5, the company introduced built-in support for integrating apps with Twitter.About Geo The text of the status update, typically up to 140 characters. For instance, preceding a message with “D ” or “M ” and following it with a screen name can create a Direct Message to that user if the relationship allows for it.

See the ‘enable_dm_commands’ parameter for information on disabling Direct Message creation to allow any text to be created as a Tweet.

Updates the authenticating user’s current status, also known as Tweeting.

For each update attempt, the update text is compared with the authenticating user’s recent Tweets.

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Start by creating an app in either Visual Studio 2010 or 2012.

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