Updating dreambox via blue panel

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Updating dreambox via blue panel

Please install as addon * Support for FLAC and WAV (please install both codecs as addon, both are beta) * Moved Gemini events (Ripper, Calendar, email-Checker) from Blue Panel Menu into the infobar (e Label-Name = geminievent) Fix update: * see CVS * internettime (no reboot needed) * extended the Web IF with 2 functions: set Key and get Key reads or writes Values from the Enigma Config. Unfortunatly many things can not be realized from our side. Backups or other modified Images are not from us and won't be supported!

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Ideally for DVD- or Net- Drives (Editor can be found in the BP) * Inadyn (Daemon for different DYNDNS-Services) * little Apache (HTTP-Server based on HTTPD) * NFS-Server (based on the NFS-Kernel-Modules) Infobar / OSD / Skin / Background-Pictures: * Position of the Infobar can be changed without editing the skin files * Provider, Frequencies, Symbolrate and FEC can be displayed in the Infobar (If the Skins matches this function) * Display of EMM, ECM or "Expertinfos" are switchable * Picon (displaying the Channel-Logo) * Extensions for Skins (Thumbnails, 3D-Font, Pictures for Progressbar) * Background picture can be turned off (Plasma - Fix) * Backgroundpictures (Radio- and File Mode) can be used as Screensaver.group = 1 emmcache = 1,3,2 blockemm-g = 1 blockemm-unknown = 1 lb_weight = 101 [global] logfile = /var/local/cachedelay = 120 nice = -1 maxlogsize = 0 saveinithistory = 1 [newcamd] port = allows the EMM to update your card .you can see your entitlements by opening the web browser & entering the box ip with the webif port .====================== Original epg_cache code is by aalex77.Special Thanks to aalex77 and Juliet team to help to improve Epg in Nabilosat Image.oscam with cccam will only show your card as local ( hop0 ) with 2.1.3 or earlier versions . make sure the config directory has if you want to use just oscam then you need to have dvbapi enabled as if you did'nt know .

[dvbapi] enabled =1 boxtype = dreambox user = localuser au = 1 [account] user = localuser group = 1 au = myreadernamehi wondering if anyone can help i hac oscam/cccam installed but can only get some channels to work but others wont with local card on 0963...Dumbo is not a tool for Multiboot but it supports to boot via removable drives. This plugin also helps to create a swap-file or swap-partition.Because of this you can use Dumbo at Dreamboxes with less RAM (like the DM 7025) without having problems due to less memory while decompressing or maintaining the image.Swap is activated during the boot process of Dumbo as told in the /etc/fstab. Install the plugin into the flash image (the main image in the Dreambox).Then plug in the Compact Flash card or your prefered media to create partitions on it. The first to create a bootable FAT file system and the second to create the main ext3 file system.* Changing Bootlogo via menu ( 7020 only) * Backgroundpictures and Bootlogos can be created, testet and used direct on the Box (out of JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG) * Showing Onlinestatus when the Box is connected to the Internet (must be activated in Expert Menu - Network) Files / Devices * Support for CDROM/DVD no matter using IDE or USB * JPEG´s ca be rotated and dislaying of the EXIF-Tags (not DM500) * Support for OGG/Vorbis * Random function for MP3 and OGG/Vorbis * Backup function * 2 new root entries for music and pictures can be created in the filemenu (BP-Extras/Settings) Extras: * Dreamnetcast (shoutcast-player) with Streamripper (direct recording from server and coding into mp3´s) * RSS und Weather Plugin (for 7000 and 500 you have to install it) * System Info: Many extra box infos like HDD temprature, stream-rates (=7000) or kernel-, memory- and prozessinfos.