Updating calendar entries in lotus notes

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Updating calendar entries in lotus notes - finished updating

- A 'DST Admin Agent' (or Admin agent) designed to update all impacted calendar entries in a user's mail file as well as time zone specific calendar profile fields.

The agents will update impacted documents to show the correct time both in the Calendar view and in the open document itself. See the "Best Practices and Warnings" section for details. The primary goal of each agent is to update the following individual fields to reflect the new DST rules, within each affected document: · Start Date Time · End Date Time · Start Time Zone · End Time Zone The Start Date Time and End Date Time fields are rebuilt based on the new time zone rules, which are updated in the Start Time Zone and End Time Zone fields.5 docs in series will be modified during one save() call) the instance document of a repeating meeting can be split into multiple documents if the chair reschedules some instances.Consider a repeating meeting that repeats once a week for five weeks.Our goal is to leave you with a basic understanding of the workflow mechanisms in Notes 6.5 C&S, which can help you take full advantage of all that C&S has to offer.Familiarity with Notes C&S will help you understand some of the concepts we discuss, although you should be able to follow along even if you're new to C&S.The parent note is identified by its Appt UNID item (which is its note universal ID), and the child note is identified by the same Appt UNID as the parent and the original Repeat Instance Dates.

The Appt UNID and Repeat Instance Dates items form a key pair of values that uniquely identify a particular repeat instance.

Does somebody know if it is possible to change one of documents in a series of recurring meetings?

I changed one of them with c# api and it changed all documents in the series (e.g.

Agent Overview Three agents have been created to update documents impacted by this DST change: - A 'DST Generate TZ Values from Registry' (or Registry agent) designed to collect the new time zone values from the registry.

The new time zone values will be provided by the OS patch that is required before running these agents.

Before running the agents, please search and review the technote containing the steps to prepare Notes/Domino for your specific region's daylight saving changes to be sure the agents execute as expected.

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