Updating 1960 s kitchen

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To meet the twin needs of this particular project, Ball chose cabinets in a traditional raised-panel style, but gave them a fresh look with a trendy color: Behr's Dark Granite, in a rich semi-gloss finish.Hidden storage features complete the clever design.

• Painting can extend the life of wood or laminate cabinetry. We had a bookcase built and added to the island in order to give the kitchen a more custom look, and so I could display my cookbooks and kitchenware. As you can see we had toppers added to extend the height of the cabinets to the ceiling. Friends, if you ever find yourself contemplating whether or not to have your kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling, DO IT. Brad and I also installed dimmable under-cabinet lighting. We also had hardware installed– regular knobs for the doors and cup pulls for the drawers.The house is probably not going to be returned to us in better shape than we handed it over. ) But also, there is a limit to how much we can earn each month from the house, so investing in to a new kitchen would be pointless, (at least until we decide to sell – and I doubt we will do it then either).Once, I accepted the fact that our kitchen was going to stay this color, I had to decide what small changes we could make to improve the look of the space and ideas to update oak kitchen cabinets. This was not that much of a stretch since turquoise and blue are a main color way in the last home, but bringing that color into the kitchen really helped the orange look nicer.Besides a few of the things I showed you that we did just to live in the space, I also tiled the back splash including a half wall as an accent for more interest and lastly adding some architectural character to the existing cabinets. We received our new family room rug the same day that we had the carpets cleaned, so while waiting for the carpets to dry, I rolled it out in our living room. Okay so what not a good before and after with out a hideous before?

There we are few other things that I did to make the kitchen look a little better in itself and in our space. Added some hardware (I went for the color black to match the grout and appliances) 2. All of a sudden the tile in the kitchen was not as offensive, because it matched something else… Okay this is not super hideous (although you need to see how truly disgusting it was…) Cleaning up the mess after buying our house: " alt="" src=" width="500" height="375" border="0" data-jpibfi-post-excerpt="" data-jpibfi-post-url=" data-jpibfi-post-title="Kitchen Review and Reveal" data-jpibfi-src=" data-pin-url=" data-pin-media=" Small repair and updates over time (before the actual makeover): Installing a subway tile back splash (and tutorial): Updating the Cabinets Tutorial (without painting of course): Well, what do you think? I love the ideas to update oak kitchen cabinets that we came up with!And I think when and if we update, when we are ready to sell, we might try staining the cabinets a dark chocolate to match the living room floors, or just go ahead ad paint them, but for now we are happy with the changes we made…FYI, here is a link when we were building the columns in case you wanted to see how we did it.A router is used to cut the laminate where the cabinet doors and drawers are located.New drawer fronts, doors, and hardware were added once the laminate was installed. In total, here’s everything that we had built and/or installed with this refacing project: toppers island bookshelf cabinets refaced kitchen cabinet doors drawer fronts crown moulding hardware The cost for our ) was ,000. We were able to keep the layout of the kitchen the same, but completely change the look and, in fact, add additional storage. First, the previous cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware were removed.

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