Unattached dating

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Detach yourself from any fear or worry, express gratitude for the present, and watch your tension and anxiety fall away.When you detach yourself from “what should be” or “what could be” and focus on what is, you open a whole new door into the splendor of acceptance.

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There is nothing more lonely than loving an emotionally unavailable partner.

After a long term relationship ended – and I needed taking several months off to hibernate and heal – I decided it was time to embrace my single status and begin navigating the journey of opening up to new men and getting back out in to the world.

After all, there is nothing more petrifying than that first meeting.

The moral of this story is — detach yourself from so much expectation, and don’t take these dating encounters too personally.

When most people envision the ideal relationship, they think of engulfing, inseparable love.

He’s physically present but you struggle to achieve emotional intimacy with him; nevertheless, his intense pursuit impresses you, he seems like “marriage material” and so you minimize his withdrawn, tight-lipped behavior and you allow yourself to fall in love with him.

You settle into the relationship with your guy and soon after, he emotionally detaches from you.Work fell by the wayside, I walked around in a lust-filled daze and thoughts of him consumed my mind endlessly. You find yourself searching for signs to validate their feelings for you.You are unsettled, worried and scared that they will lose interest, grow bored and the glow will wear off.If you worry because of past experiences, remind yourself that this (and every moment from now on) is a brand new, unrelated experience.Learn from the past, but don’t allow it to hinder your future.When we become attached (whether it be to a person, a job, money or an outcome) our energy shrinks and contracts.

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