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Located 20 minutes south of Burlington and a short ferry ride across the lake, Essex is cradled between Vermont and the vibrant village of Lake Placid, on the eastern slope of the Adirondacks High Peaks region, accessible by plane, train, car or even boat. We’re excited to get the summer season rolling led by Jordan's passion for food!*PLEASE NOTE* hours for this weekend are as follows: Thursday, July 6: pm - pm Friday, July 7: CLOSED for a private event Saturday, July 8: pm - pm for light fare & drinks Sunday, July 9: pm - pm Monday, July 10: pm - pm To make reservations call (518) 963-4400 or email [email protected] Nailed flavor & texture in addition to using good ingredients from our farming community here. Jordan and his wife and their three children recently moved to the area, so let's welcome them to the community and to the Essex Inn!

At the same time, the oil disptick was moved from the front of the engine to the side, the inlet manifold was improved from earlier models, and the compression ratio was raised slightly from 8.9:1 to 9.0:1 due to a change of the piston design.

The current crossing, or causeway, was first constructed in Roman times.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), (Aka East-Asian Medicine) is a comprehensive, holistic medical system.

OHV 12 valve (2 per cylinder) Solid flat tappet lifters 41.1 mm (1.62 in) inlet valves 37.0 mm (1.46 in) exhaust valves SA 3.4 L: 43.0 mm (1.69 in) inlet valves 37.0 mm (1.46 in) exhaust valves Capri X pack: 44.5 mm (1.75 in) inlet valves 41.3 mm (1.63 in) exhaust valves 2.5 L : Ford 1250 1bbl carburetor 3.0 L : Ford 1250 1bbl carburetor Weber 40 DFAV 2bbl carburetor Weber 38 DGAS 2bbl carburetor Weber 40 DFI 5 2bbl carburetor Electronic Fuel Injection x3 Weber 42 DCNF 2bbl carburetors 3.1 L : Weber 38 DGAS 2bbl carburetor SA 3.4 L : Weber 38 DGAS 2bbl carburetor Cosworth GAA 3.4 L : Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection The Ford Essex V6 engine was a 60° V6 engine built between 19 by the Ford Motor Company in the United Kingdom and up until 2000 in South Africa although mostly in the Ford engine plant of Dagenham, Essex, which gave the engine its name.

It is closely related to the Ford Essex V4 engine produced in displacements of 1.7 L and 2.0 L.

Prior to becoming members of the PJHL in 2016 the 73's won the GLJHL playoff championship 20 times and the Clarence Schmalz Cup as Provincial Junior C Champions 7 times.

The Essex 73’s have competed in the Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League since the 1973–74 season.In total, the club has won 20 Great Lakes Junior C League Championships and 7 All-Ontario Junior C titles.By both measures, they are the most successful team in Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League history.Both engines share many parts since the Essex V6 was directly derived from the Essex V4, the 2.0 L Essex V4 and the 3.0 L Essex V6 in fact have exactly the same bore and stroke and share various components.The Essex V4 and V6 were mainly designed to replace the outdated and aging inline-four and six-cylinder Ford Zephyr engine.It can be used to treat many types of pain syndromes and illness.