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His Seattle-based company is joining a handful, but growing number of apparel businesses catering to the transgender community, including Chrysalis a 3-year-old lingerie company, and Saint Harridan, which makes masculine clothing for women and transmen.Leo Roux, which will sell T-shirts, pants, shorts, dresses and blouses, is holding a pre-sale later this month to fund its first manufacturing order.

Our hotline is staffed by the true experts on transgender experience, transgender people themselves. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

The duds aren’t cheap — with jeans costing around and T-shirts around . Roux is hoping carving a niche in the casual clothing sector, where there is a dearth of offerings.

“A lot of online companies are aimed at crossdressers, and that clothing has a big night club performance feel,” Roux said.

After all, your prospective employer doesn’t want biased feedback from a reference who appears to be a close friend. Make the reference request in person Email is a perfectly acceptable form of professional communication in most cases, but when it comes to asking someone to be a reference, do it in person–or at least over the phone–to improve the chances that you get buy-in.“Make a list of the people you’re likely to ask to be a reference now, while you’re still in your current job, and invite them to lunch or call them to reconnect,” says Dave Carvajal, CEO of Dave Partners, a boutique headhunting firm.

On the flip side, a contact who has given you an online work shoutout could help your cause: Among hiring managers who hired candidates because of their positive social media, 30% said they did so because other people posted great references for them. “Ask these colleagues for career advice and engage them in brainstorming around work issues–it’ll make them feel personally invested in your success.”Calling or meeting in person has another benefit, notes Shane.

If you wait 30 seconds or a minute and then give up, you are unlikely to get any conversation.

Yay for Queers is not a constant bustling hive of activity.

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