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Scriptures, especially Hebrew, are abundant with references to pentagrams.

If he says that to you, be sure to say that since you usually don’t date a-holes, it won’t work.

Conflict between the two sides intensified in what is known as the Vietnam War, with heavy intervention by the United States on the side of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1973.

The war ended with a North Vietnamese victory in 1975.

The heart reawakens I reclaim my birthrightand take a stand for my own self- worthand my innate ability to loveand live in the embrace of love.

I used to believe you can’t find true, lasting, soulful love.

It has been important to almost every ancient culture, from the Mayans of Latin America, to India, China, Greece, and Egypt.

It has been found scratched on the walls of Neolithic caves, and in Babylonian drawings, where it marks the pattern the planet Venus makes on its travels- a secret symbol of the Goddess Ishtar. I was once lonely, angry, unhappy, sad, and worried. I make a new choice to reclaim the innocence of the heartand reconnect to a deep and soulful love. This report has a Sensitivity Level set at Teen (T).This means any activity from John, which Covenant Eyes rated at Teen or above, will be flagged for your review.Covenant Eyes has detected activity that consistently rates above the Report Sensitivity Level of Teen (T).This also includes entries blocked by the Covenant Eyes Filter that are rated T (Teen) and higher.

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