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They also argue that ECDIS should not be primary means of navigation till the time all ambiguities are eliminated and procedures streamlined. In this post I am trying to streamline some of the procedures related to ECDIS.I strongly believe that if we deal with the ECDIS with correct approach, it would not be that difficult as it might look, specially to the seafarers working with the ECDIS for the first time.

Transas TX-97 Electronic Vector Charts are produced from paper chart data published by all the major national Hydrographic Offices worldwide, all digitized with the highest quality and great level of accuracy.

Transas Pilot PRO is the application intended for everyday needs of deep sea, channel, river and harbour pilots and other maritime professionals.

The Pilot PRO operates on i Pad utilizing the AIS Class A or 3rd party NMEA sensors via Wi-Fi, built-in or external Bluetooth GPS for backup positioning purposes.

In such situation an appropriate portfolio of up-to-date paper charts should be carried as a back up arrangement .

ENCs automate the process of integrating real time positions with the chart display and enable to continuously monitor the position and safety of the vessel.

ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) for ships has gained popularity over the years and has become a real necessity for safe navigation at sea.

The mandatory carriage of ECDIS has been implemented on almost all ships depending upon the type and gross tonnage of the vessel.

But there are many of us, who do not still agree with this.

They argue that shrinking the width and height of paper chart to a 21 inch screen can bring too many confusions.

Transas Pilot PRO app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] Yours, Transas Pilot team What's new in the Transas Pilot PRO version 2.3.0:- S-57/S-63 ENC Chart format is now officially supported* Charts can be installed via e-mail attachments or via i Tunes* New 'Pilot S-63 Service' 1-year subscription option.

This option allows for using S-63 ENC charts from 3rd party suppliers.

Each quarter when new charts are added to our World Folio discs, they will automatically be licensed to the customers regions and folios.

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