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In this exclusive interview with VH1, David tells us about his current relationship with Natalie, even though things didn’t work out “that” way. David: It’s by far the most unique thing I’ve ever done in my life.In life you have certain moments that are singular experiences and this was definitely one of those.

They say, Ladies and Gentlemen, that there’s nothing better than sex. In the fourth quarter, David finally realized what Natalie was not-so-subtly telling him all along.They may have left paradise together, but things definitely changed after this “awww-filled” moment: Now that they put on clothes, it seems David has had a change of heart.All-black, this bag would be easy to wear with anything and is a simple way to make a statement, without looking flashy.This classic style is a great investment piece and is sure to remain on-trend season after season. Alternatively, have a look at our edit of alternatives below! Jenn advises Tiffany to move on and let go of her mother.

clueless to Natalie’s hints throughout the season, but that didn’t stop Natalie from following her heart.

For the boyfriend of Tiffany Trump, meeting his girlfriend's father for the first time might be an occasion more awkward than most such encounters.

Try explaining to the fiery Republican frontrunner that you are a registered Democrat with a liking for Hillary Clinton.

Tiffany Michelle Herrera (née Garcia), more commonly knowed as Cupquake, is a You Tube gaming commentator, fashion vlogger and an animal lover.

She plays many games, mainly Minecraft and The Sims.

Billionaire Trump even once signed a copy of his book, The Art of the Deal, for Ross's father, real estate lawyer Jonathan Mechanic, with the inscription: 'To the greatest real estate lawyer in the world, best wishes, Donald.' The Mechanic family – Jonathan, 63, his wife Wendy Sue Levine, 59, and sons Marc, 25, and Ross, 21 – are all registered, active Democrats, according to public records.

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