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Later, Wired’s Kevin Poulsen told Glenn Greenwald of Salon that the logs were complete with the exception of “Manning discussing personal matters that aren’t clearly related to his arrest, or apparently sensitive government information that I’m not throwing up without vetting first.” Lamo also provided Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post with a complete version of the logs, which were also excerpted on June 10. and been transferring that data from the classified networks over the “air gap” onto a commercial network computer… ( PM) bradass87: ( PM) Manning: :’( ( PM) Lamo: back ( PM) Manning: im self medicating like crazy when im not toiling in the supply office (my new location, since im being discharged, im not offically intel anymore) ( PM) Manning: you missed a lot… ( PM) Manning: hundreds of them ( PM) Lamo: like what? its impossible for any one human to read all quarter-million… and possibly desensitized ( PM) Manning: the scope is so broad… ( PM) Manning: this one was a test: Classified cable from US Embassy Reykjavik on Icesave dated ( PM) Manning: the result of that one was that the icelandic ambassador to the US was recalled, and fired ( PM) Manning: thats just one cable… ( PM) Manning: i’d have to ask assange ( PM) Manning: i zerofilled the original ( PM) Lamo: why do you answer to him? ( PM) Manning: I gathered more info when i questioned him whenever he was being tailed in Sweden by State Department officials… and they matched up with the ones he’s said publicly ( PM) Lamo: did that bear out? ( PM) Manning: based on the description he gave me, I assessed it was the Northern Europe Diplomatic Security Team… And that there’s information that he has that no one has seen, that could compromise National Security.And on June 19, Boing Boing published what was purported to be a more complete version of one section of the log. things that belonged in the public domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC… ( PM) bradass87: or Guantanamo, Bagram, Bucca, Taji, VBC for that matter… sorting the data, compressing it, encrypting it, and uploading it to a crazy who can’t seem to stay in one country very long =L ( PM) bradass87: im here ( PM) Adrian: Depends. ( PM) bradass87: theres substantial lag i think ( PM) Adrian: I don’t understand. and yet the depth so rich ( PM) Lamo: give me some bona fides … trying to figure out how he got the Reykjavik cable… CNN, 7/30/2010: “I expressed to him that it could be very well considered espionage. Bradley Manning did leak to me information related to ongoing classified counter intelligence operations, which based on my interaction with the United States’ Army and defense authorities, were considered highly sensitive….[Manning] had approached the local national security agency operative at Forward Operating Base Hammer, where he was stationed, and inquired of them whether or not they had detected any suspicious traffic.

It’s not quite the same as a hook-up, but it’s also not a casual chat either. Not all sexting involves pictures or video, but when it does, things can get awkward very quickly.

You could be committing a criminal offence next time you discuss your deepest fantasies with someone online. That means it is therefore perfectly possible for the content of online chat, should a jury decide that it is capable of "depraving or corrupting", to be judged "obscene" - and as such for one or both participants in that conversation to be guilty of a criminal offence that carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, and a stint on the sex offenders' register.

A ruling slipped out quietly by the Appeal Court earlier this year, and lurking in the background while the substantive case to which it applied came to court, makes it plain: the act of publishing as defined within the Obscene Publications Act can take place with an audience of just one individual.

There are issues of consent involved as well, which makes things even more complicated. You may not have any idea what the other person looks like at first.

Or, put on the spot when they suddenly send you a sexy photo and you realize you don’t find them attractive.

In a bid to cover his tracks, Morgan asked for his number to be deleted from the girl’s phone before they met and said people might call him a ‘paedo’.

When he turned up at Newcastle city centre to meet his victim in August 2015, with a condom in his wallet, he was confronted by Dark Justice and then arrested by the police.The case has been wending its way through the legal system since April 2010, when GS was charged with nine counts of publishing an obscene article contrary to section 2(1) of the Obscene Publications Act 1959, and one count of possessing an indecent image.What was particularly innovative was that the material in question was a series of text logs of online chats between GS and one other individual.( PM) bradass87: since they released the 9/11 “pager messages” ( PM) bradass87: i immediately recognized that they were from an NSA database, and i felt comfortable enough to come forward ( PM) bradass87: so… it was an awful incident, but nothing like the baghdad one ( PM) Manning: the investigating officers left the material unprotected, sitting in a directory on a mil ( PM) Manning: server ( PM) Manning: but they did zip up the files, aes-256, with an excellent password… threw a lot of food away ( AM) Manning: yes, football cheerleaders… apart of Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) projects ( AM) Lamo: *sigh* ( AM) Manning: ( AM) Manning: there’s only one other person im aware of that actually knows anything about computer security… music ( PM) Manning: all out in the open ( PM) Manning: bringing CDs too and from the networks was/is a common phenomeon ( PM) Lamo: is that how you got the cables out? Lamo says he does consider himself a journalist and that he made the offer in good faith.” BBC News, 8/6/2010: “I was a private citizen in a private capacity – there was no source, journalist relationship,” [Lamo] told BBC News. I would have been happy to write about him myself, but we just decided that it would be too unethical.” New York Times, 12/16/2010: “Private Manning is said to claim that he had been directly communicating with Mr.right after thanksgiving timeframe of 2009 ( PM) bradass87: Hilary Clinton, and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning, and finds an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format to the public…… so afaik it hasn’t been broken yet ( PM) Manning: 14 chars… he’s a SIGINT analyst, of course ( AM) Lamo: Is he the other one who pokes around t he network? afaik, he doesn’t play around with classified networks… ( PM) Manning: perhaps ( PM) Manning: i would come in with music on a CD-RW ( PM) Manning: labelled with something like “Lady Gaga”… then write a compressed split file ( PM) Manning: no-one suspected a thing ( PM) Manning: =L kind of sad ( PM) Lamo: and odds are, they never will ( PM) Manning: i didnt even have to hide anything ( PM) Lamo: from a professional perspective, i’m curious how the server they were on was insecure ( PM) Manning: you had people working 14 hours a day… Assange using an encrypted Internet conferencing service as the soldier was downloading government files.A married father was caught trying to groom a child by vigilante paedophile hunters.

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    But his rep confirms to Us Weekly that the woman in question is a personal assistant, not a romantic interest.