Super box keeps updating

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more differenter tank, before turning into a robot.

He has appeared on The X Factor, Fine Living Network and Israel Channel One and exhibited at the Library of Congress and the Aperture Gallery.

Naturally, we had to ask the host of Podcast One’s “Talk Is Jericho” how many “lists” there are, where they currently reside, and what he was actually writing on them this whole time.

“There are a couple of them,” the Fozzy frontman began.

As an element of their imprisonment, they had been reduced to mere personality components, so Starscream installed them into abandoned World War II military vehicles.

The transplant caused the vehicles to immediately reconfigure themselves: Brawl in particular went from being an M4 Sherman tank to being a...

“So, there are two of those, officially,” Jericho continued.

“I carry one with me at all times, and there’s one that stays with the show in case [mine] gets lost.

Now they’re making lists [for merch], so if worst comes to worst, you can just use a toy list.” Never has a modified Trapper-Keeper been so cool.

But what was the dude writing on his now-famed notepad anyway? “They may not actually make sense, but it would actually be something related to what [I told the crowd] I was writing down.” “If you looked at those original sheets, you’d see just a bunch of chicken scratch, because [I wasn’t] actually paying attention,” he added.

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