Stop attack intimidating shout macro

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Stop attack intimidating shout macro - Lesbien chat no card

It may not be sold, for profit or otherwise, nor can it be used in any other commercial transaction. Breach or violation of this copyright can and will result in legal action. Gearing Up 5.1 Weapon Choices 5.2 Armor 5.3 Trinkets 6. Class Breakdowns 6.1 Druids 6.2 Hunters 6.3 Mages 6.4 Paladins 6.5 Priests 6.6 Rogues 6.7 Shamans 6.8 Warlocks 6.9 Warriors 7. This FAQ is a free document that may be accessed for private and personal use by the public. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Jai Stuart This document may be uploaded on your web site has long as it is freely accessible, is left in its original file form and no compensation is received or exchanged for its use.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii. Revision History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.0 01/09/07 First submission, mostly everything complete, though contributions would be nice, warriors that play 2s with different classes and had tips would be great.

;) With this in mind, I decided to focus on Warrior PVP, and create a primer and reference that could hopefully teach players tips and tricks they don't know.

For the advanced arena players, you will probably not read anything here you haven't learnt already, and I at least hope you guys will find the FAQ a fun read.

Execute takes priority over any ability if in range. Until full gear WIld Combatant cruelty and Wld Gladiators cruelty rings are bis rings.

All three of these first tier talents are good in their own right, and make for a competitive tier.

A Warrior's Guide to PVP ' how to kill something before it kills you ' Written by Jai Stuart, for the game World of Warcraft The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at of Contents i. I will hopefully still be kicking it to write to 80 - I hope.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started playing World of Warcraft a year and a half ago. He made it to level 13 on my trial account, and I left the game for 6 months until I purchased it out of boredom. He's been the only character I took past level 25, and the only one I play now. Being that World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, content is always subject to change, be upgraded, become different. As a writer, there is only so long guides can be updated, and eventually the mechanics of Wo W will move beyond this guide, whether it be when the level cap is raised to 90, or 100.Make use of your improved intercept to cc healers and peel your healers. More hp means more swings before death, more opportunities to dump rage and to make use of the enrage talent.This spec, while not optimal, can be fun and challenging to play, even with lower gear than advised. talent#LV0LZE0z ZEits00zbo 9/11/31 Don't laugh yet. The idea is to distract enemies from objectives, be a pain in the ass to kill for physical damage classes, and an utter annoyance with concussion blow which is great to assist your team mates for killing an efc or anyone else. It also gives leeway for your potential healers to do their work. | |You donÂ’t need to buy water | | |Warriors can be any race | | ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------- (2). This is very handy if the server|it properly | |lags |People generally want the tank to be | |Because you are gear heavy, you get |the highest level in the group. |means you often canÂ’t go to instances| |Warriors make excellent battleground |until you are 1-2 levels higher than | |twinks |the minimum.talent#LMhxd Aio0k E0zm0x At the risk of beating a dead horse, the objectively best pvp spec is arms 31/20/0 with a two handed weapon. Your burst relies heavily on gear, aim for high attack power to boost bloodthirst, lots of crit as well as hit%(I had around 14% in pve, I'm not sure if pvp is the same). talent#LMhxd Aio0u VZVbt Arms dual wielding(with 2 maces)