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Geyser titans are level 106 combat Summoning familiars.They are part of the titan group of familiars, and provide a boost for the Ranged skill as well as being able to recharge amulets of glory and rings of wealth. Geyser titans attack with melee when up close, and with ranged when afar.

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A geyser titan pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 222 spirit shards, a blue charm and a water talisman in the inventory, and 89 Summoning. Using the pouch to summon a Geyser titan gains 8.9 experience points.Boil is the special move for the geyser titan, which inflicts magic damage according to the enemy's armour bonus.It can hit at least as high as 1600 on targets with low armour such as training dummies; against bosses it does not seem to hit for more than 600 life points.In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edge retains the cowl but has darker blue clothing on his torso with golden armor on the shoulders and waist, and has a wavier hairstyle.His cape is exchanged for what appears to be Rubicante's Cloak of Flame, depicted in Edge's artwork, and can be obtained for him as equipment in the game. Morrison, CO Red Rocks **** 08/15/79 Denver, CO Mc Nichols Arena **with Pat Travers Band** 08/18/79 Sacramento, CA State Fair **with BOC, Pat Travers Band** 08/19/79 San Jose, CA Spartan Stadium **with BOC, Pat Travers Band** 08/21/79 Portland, OR Memorial Coliseum **with Prism** 08/25/79 Reading, England **Reading Festival** 08/27/79 Zwolle, Holland Ijssehal 08/28/79 Rotterdam, Holland Ahoy 08/29/79 Munich, Germany **TV appearance?

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