Speed dating nova gorica

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Speed dating nova gorica

Lat Lng(46.32336807250976600000, 13.54748535156250000000); place Marker(map, my Latlng, "Kanin Mountain Bike Park", "Located near the town of Bovec, the Bike Park is at a relatively low altitude (470m).", "https:// "218628", 2750, 0, 0); var my Latlng = new

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Praznovali bomo skupaj z društvom Tombas, ki tudi deluje že 10 let. Glavni namen dogodka je mlade informirati ter jim predstaviti možnosti, ki jim jih ponuja tujina.

As you can see, Slovenia is found wedged in between Austria to the north, Italy to the west, Croatia to the south and Hungary to the east.

Note the big X so as not to confuse you with Slovakia!!!

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Lat Lng(46.15576934814453000000, 13.83921909332275400000); place Marker(map, my Latlng, "Bača", "The Bača, one of the best fly fisheries in Slovenia wends its way for 21km towards the Idrijca River, passing through the Baška Grapa Valley.

Slovenia is also close enough that visitors can arrive at Venice, Trieste, Graz and Zagreb airports with short connections to Slovenia by car, bus or train.

Beer, Wine and Spirits are widely available from most supermarkets, restaurants and pubs with all the local brands widely supported with some of the popular foreign brands also available.Wine: Locally produced wine is of a good standard and is slowly making an impact on the world stage as Slovene wines try to find their position in the marketplace.There are over 40,000 wineries in Slovenia and they are mostly located in 3 main wine growing areas: Primorska to the west, Posavje to the south east and Podravje to the east.The current Slovenian Armed Forces are descended from the Territorial Defense of the Republic of Slovenia (Teritorialna Obramba Republike Slovenije; TORS), which was formed in 1968 as a paramilitary complement to the regular army of the former Yugoslav within the territory of Slovenia.The main objectives of TORS were to support the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) and conduct guerrilla operations in the event of an invasion.Lat Lng(46.43973159790039000000, 13.65496921539306600000); place Marker(map, my Latlng, "Mangart", "Mangart is the third highest peak in Slovenia and this route takes you from Mangrtsko sedlo and heads towards the mighty rocky summit.", "https:// "a80d0d", 2747, 0, 0); var my Latlng = new