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Documents representing official acts of the Governor are entered into bound volumes known as the Executive Journal.These volumes have been maintained since 1863, and are housed in a vault in the Secretary of State's Office, as specified in the Constitution.

A jurat authenticates a signature made under oath or affirmation, proving that the signer personally appeared before and positively identified by the notary; the notary placed the signer under oath; and the notary watched the signature being made.

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All Notaries What are the qualifications for a notary public?

A notary public must be 18 years of age, a resident of or principally employed in the county from which he/she makes application, of good moral character and capable of discharging the duties imposed upon him/her by law. A notary public can administer oaths and take proof of execution and acknowledgements of instruments.

Yes, but you must verify that the signature on the document matches the signature on the identification the signer presented to you and the signature of the signer in your journal. To acknowledge a document, a notary must first identify the signer to be the person whose name is signed to the document.

The identification can be made through personal knowledge or appropriate credentials, such as a driver's license.

As "keeper of the seal," the Secretary of State controls the use of the seal for any purpose other than official state business .

To see an image of the face of the official seal of the State of West Virginia, go to West Virginia Seal.

An acknowledgement is a verification that the person whose signature appears on the document is the person who appears before you and whose identity you took reasonable steps to verify.