Sirius updating mazda

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I could get there by hitting the star/favorites button and choosing a station.

Music randomly reset back to no.1 song in the folder while using usb drive mode, this happened sometimes when I restart the car. System freeze up when playing songs with special characters Haven't noticed too many bugs, but the software design is pretty awful and needs some tweaking. No ability to cancel Blue Tooth audio reconnection search.- Mike E, By far the best stereos, customer service, resources, and install kits for the money.- Mike E, Installing car stereo gear yourself is a satisfying experience.It saves you money, as you won't have to pay someone to do it, and most customers feel a great sense of accomplishment that makes the effort worth it.Sirius XM is integrated into the audio systems of most new cars, so you get effortless entertainment; just get in, turn on and enjoy.Automakers offer interactive infotainment and telematics-based services free for a limited time to get your business — and it works.

"The onboard GPS and the familiar co-branded apps dazzled us at the dealership and definitely had a small effect on our final decision," says Ron Doyle, a Denver Web developer and father of two.Going to the home screen and scrolling over to the music icon and selecting did noting. When I could get to the music screen via favorites, when I scrolled over to choose between AM/FM/XM/etc. I am about to head out for the first time since this happened last night.I wasn't in a mood to mess with it when I got home, so I am hoping a fresh reboot has fixed it. (EDIT: It works fine again after starting it up this AM) So far I have read about: 1) Unit reboots in the middle of driving (happened to me) 2) Screen goes black during navigation 3) Music screen (also music input ie AM/FM/XM) is not selectable 4) Stored favorites all disappear (happened to me) 5) Navigation can be WAY off.By far the best stereos, customer service, resources, and install kits for the money.No reason for anyone who can use a screwdriver and follow directions to pay someone else to install a new stereo.The five-passenger 2013 Toyota Prius V Five has a ,000 price tag that also included a free smartphone app for Toyota's Toyota Care maintenance and roadside assistance service.