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This is a big win for Skype and its soon-to-be-owner Microsoft, though: Skype suddenly gets access to Facebook's 750 million users. He's amused that his 70-year-old neighbor accosted him to talk about what he's launching today. Click "I want to download the plug-in" and we're chatting. What did the Microsoft relationship play into this partnership. Same free Skype service they already offer, but put into the Facebook form. We have had work with Skype before, but most features were built into Skype client. "I hope it's video chat." : Social networking -- it was new. This only works because the system already knows we're connected. Zuck: Definitely makes sense to build more of our own datacenters instead of leasing. The Microsoft deal -- "we have a really good relationship with Microsoft." They've worked with Bing, ads.

Through week-long in-home deployments with five couples, we gain formative insights into the adoption and usage of at-a-distance media consumption and how couples communicated during said consumption.

Teenagers are increasingly using video chat systems to communicate with others, however, little research has been conducted to explore how and why they use the technology.

To better understand this design space, we present the results of a study of twenty teenagers and their use of video chat systems such as Skype, Face Time, and Google Hangouts.

It can provide a fantasy of starring in your own “special” flick without all the life-altering decisions and career changes.

It can also provide short-term solutions to long-distance relationships.

And Facebook has a huge built-in user base of semi- and non-technical people who can get going on this right away. It's hard to find people online, even though the number is massive.

That said, Google really stole Facebook's thunder with Hangouts last week -- it offers group chat with up to 10 people simultaneously, while the Facebook feature offers only one to one calls, just like regular Skype. : Mark Zuckerberg just walked in, he's hanging out by the free drink refrigerator. : Zuck: "Today marks the beginning of 'launching season' in 2011." They've been working hard. You either have to click on buddy list to pop it up, or the "face pile" on the home page (you have to know what your friends' icons look like). I can go to a profile, even if they haven't installed plug-in to do video chat, quick call and it'll pop up on his screen.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the chances are that you have already been a part of this new trend is likely.

Right now you probably think that Skype sex is safe since he is your boyfriend. What you may not know is that there is a way to take pictures without knowledge of it being taken.

And while all of my friends have a version of Mirror Face—cheeks tighten, lips pucker, and brows lift into a doll-like position rarely seen in actual life—none of us who aren't Hollywood celebs have figured out how to maintain Mirror Face while moving. But the notion of an impromptu on-camera conversation feels less like catching up and more like an audition.

Until now, I've managed to evade requests for video calls by feigning poor reception or unavailability. On video, eye contact is interrupted by glimpses at my own face—a nagging, sallow, undefined distraction in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Skype sex refers to two people and two webcams, or so you may think.