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You will not receive notification about inclusion on this listing.Improving your Injury and Violence Prevention Practice with the Core Competencies Webinar Series ~ Telling the Story of Injury and Violence Prevention (part 2 of 6), Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network and Safe States Alliance.

Domestic Violence Mentor Court Webinar Series ~ Courts and Abusive Partner Intervention Programs: Strategies for Increasing Accountability through Collaboration (part 2 of 3), Center for Court Innovation.

Richard Davis has had two funerals at Sunset Hills.

The first, in December 2003 and marked by a 21-gun salute, followed the discovery of an incomplete set of Richard's remains, scarred with stab marks from the blade that killed him.

skull replica found at Bone Clones has received the most hits overall since I started this blog.

Unfortunately, there is not really much information about nimravids available without some digging, and very little on the open web.

For about the past 80 years taxonomists have placed nimravids in their own clade outside Felidae, but that has not kept less taxonomically scrupulous scientists from lumping them into Felidae frequently.

A key differentiating character is the auditory bulla, which is a bony chamber in felids, but in nimravids only partially encased by bone, with a floor of cartilagenous tissue.Stop Violence: Emerging Trends & Innovative Strategies, U. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas, One Safe Place, Challenge of Tarrant County, Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc., Operation Blue Shield, Dallas ISD Police Department, Downtown Fort Worth, Inc., MHMR of Tarrant County and Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney.Even by the squalid standards of modern warfare, the murder of US soldier Richard Davis by fellow troops in 2003 was especially brutal.Now, as the story comes to the big screen in a controversial new movie, Rob Sharp reports from California on a case that refuses to die High in the desert, a two-hour drive north of Los Angeles, a family huddles together at Sunset Hills Memorial Park.Having driven to the cemetery in convoy from their home in nearby Apple Valley, an innocuous town far from the sprawling bustle of LA, they lay flowers at a stone slab set into an area of plastic turf known as the Garden of Valor.The Justice Department announced that Christopher Hall, a former Sergeant for the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Macon State Prison (MSP) in Oglethorpe, Georgia, and two former CERT officers, Ronald Lach and Delton Rushin, were sentenced on Thursday, December 4, 2014, for offenses related to the beating of an MSP inmate in 2010 and the cover-up that followed.