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But it also strikes me that when you are someone, like they are, who interprets everything in the world from a single, unshakeable, ideological standpoint, you make the erroneous assumption that everyone else does too. Journalists, unlike people who rant at clouds for a living, are constantly required to look into things that perhaps challenge our world view.

Her college (UC Berkeley) named a dorm for her; her graduate school (the University of Washington library school) named a professorship.

This cemetery was organized on the 15th day of October 1889. It is located in SE corner of Section 1, Township 108, Range 69. This cemetery was organizated about 1898 by Church Members.

Name of controlling organization: Spring Hill Cemetery Association. The controlling organization is the Brueau of Catholic Indian Missions. The owner of the farm on which it is located is Robert Hayes. Good appearance, no roads, fenced with woven wire, steel and wood posts, and steel swing gates.

He has been accused many times of abusing little kids.

Those accusations now form part of a comprehensive investigation by Victoria Police's Taskforce SANO. It often occurs to me that this band of defenders, who shrink with each day in number as the allegations pile up, have painted themselves into a corner and now flail about, trying to come up with something to throw back at those who would tumble down their rather shaky house of cards.

Mouse books, includes all the Beezus and Ramona novels, save one, and all the Henry Huggins novels, with the dismaying exceptions of Henry and the Clubhouse and Henry and the Paper Route.

Also see: Interview: Beverly Cleary at 95 The novelist discusses her childhood, the Internet, and the enduring appeal of her books A Beverly Cleary Pilgrimage Following the writer’s life trail from her childhood home in the Oregon countryside to her adult stomping grounds in Portland Cleary was inspired to write her novels while working as a young librarian in Yakima, Washington, when a neighborhood scamp asked her: “Where are the books about kids like us?

” And Cleary’s appeal—even in this age, when fantasy dominates children’s fiction—is largely rooted in her intense absorption in the quotidian emotions and non-events of kid life (in this way she resembles that great, underappreciated chronicler of childhood, Jean Shepherd).

Cleary lived and remembered her own childhood with a preternatural intensity, as attested by her memoirs, A Girl From Yamhill and My Own Two Feet—books of extraordinary elegance and candor that deserve far greater acclaim than the blandly warm accolades they’ve received.

This spring, the Los Angeles Times bestowed on Cleary the Robert Kirsch Award, an honor given to “a living author with a substantial connection to the American West, whose contribution to American letters deserves special recognition.” She is the first children’s author to have won it.

Although she has written 41 books, her 14 novels devoted to Henry, his dog, Ribsy, his friend Beezus, and her little sister Ramona are of course her most celebrated and adored, so it’s unsurprising that Cleary’s publisher has joined the beatification process with a 15-volume boxed set, The World of Beverly Cleary Collection—an assemblage that, in addition to Ellen Tebbits and the three Ralph S.

About 1890 the community started using this as a burial ground, but was never organized. Spring Hill Cemtery is located just 1/2 mile east of Gann Valley. This cemetery is located 2 miles from the Frank Pamania farm, Section 15, Township 107, Range 72. This was a private cemetery until about 1917 when it was deeded to the Catholic Indian Missions. Placidus is located 13-1/2 miles from the nearest post office.

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