Self validating form php

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For this example I have a basic form which inserts a Category into a database, so I divided it like this: Directory Structure When implementing a heavy design pattern like MVC, the best thing to do is set up your directory structure to support it.For example, you currently have, at the very least, your Model and Controller in the same directory.

Then refresh the todos index page in your browser and make sure that the checkboxes on your page are checked/unchecked accordingly, based on their assigned attribute values because that’s how they’re accessed in the server-side code? In CI, you can access submitted form values using CI’s built-in input class.

Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.

As a rule of thumb, you should never trust the data received from end users and should always validate it before putting it to good use.

For example, I've adapted something pretty similar to Zend's, which looks something like this: Not saying you have to adopt this structure, just saying its the one I like and have found to meet all of my needs. Don't limit yourself to prefab solutions, but don't dismiss them either.

There was a lot of thought put behind those solutions, so they are likely to be pretty efficient.

Given a model populated with user inputs, you can validate the inputs by calling the yii\base\Model::validate() method.

The method will return a boolean value indicating whether the validation succeeded or not.

Before going out and learning a full fledged framework I'm trying to understand the MVC pattern coding basic stuff, at the moment I'm testing with MVC applied to form validation.

After reading a good amount of articles and code examples I came out with my own version, nothing too elaborate as it's mostly for learning, so I need advice in the structure.

This comes in handy, because all you need to do when writing custom form is to assign a valid class names to your input fields, and pass the form id to Varien Form object.

In case you would want to add your custom validation rule, just create a javascript file with any name you want in js folder of your Magento installation.

This should be done by overriding the yii\base\Model::rules() method.