Sean avery dating elisha cuthbert

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Notorious hockey motormouth and off-ice "player" Sean Avery's suspension has been officially set at six games by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.The Dallas Stars forward already served two games since he was indefinitely banned Tuesday for calling Elisha Cuthbert his sloppy seconds, in what the league called "inappropriate public comments, not pertaining to the game."Suspended by the NHL for making an offensive statement referring to his ex-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert as sloppy seconds, Sean Avery has apologized."I should not have made those comments and I recognize that they were inappropriate," the hockey star said.

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Forget about Tony Romo, Matt Leinart and Tom Brady for a second.The notorious professional hockey player held a party at his Hollywood Hills home late into the night, answering the door at approximately 1 a.m. Avery proceeded to taunt them ("Come back without your badges!") and shove one of the cops before slamming the door in his face."Had the league not have suspended him, the Dallas Stars would have," growled Hicks.Avery and Stars co-general manager Brett Hull flew to New York today for a hearing with Bettman that will determine the 28-year-old forward's fate."It was a bad attempt to build excitement for the game, but I am now acutely aware of how hurtful my actions were."Looks like hockey player and big-time Hollywood playa Sean Avery is looking to branch out a little - the New York Rangers left wing will for some reason be serving as guest editor at Men's Vogue in just a few short weeks.

In an online diary for the site, Sean Avery gets shirtless in the Vogue closet and dishes about his unlikely passion for fashion: While Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong seem to be going strong, twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen had better watch her back with her new athletic star squeeze.

Full Story Sean Avery is getting exactly what he wants. Quick background for those who missed it yesterday: Sean Avery is the douchebag forward currently playing for the Dallas Stars, acquired in the off season from the New York Rangers.

The most hated piece of sh-t in the NHL, Avery is no stranger to controversy, having made racist remarks in the past about blacks and French Canadians, and last year ridiculing a fellow player suffering from cancer.

While yes, even though it’s just stupid Maxim, the “honour” does seem like a good indication of Elisha’s likeability right now.

She’s emerged as one of the funniest on Happy Endings and she is, as Maxim claims, extremely “hot”. And The Heart Truth Fashion Show is always one of the highlights.

Former NY Ranger and NHL super pest Sean Avery has taken a few bites of humble pie, issuing an apology for the slurs against his ex-girlfriends that resulted in his indefinite suspension from the Dallas Stars.

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