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Reportedly Steve was also against the city electing a Mexican Chief-Of-Police and told constituents, “He’s dirty.

Voyeuristic viewers watch the whole thing, from awkward first meeting to uncomfortable denouement, waiting (hopefully) for sparks to fly.

Vicki has been dating new man Steve Lodge and gushing about how great he is – even her daughter Briana seems to approve.

Seriously – it’s like Vicki blew all her Love Tank good luck with Donn, and since then it has been dud after dud. Wouldn’t that be a fun storyline for Real Housewives Of Orange County?! Anyway, Steve, a former police officer turned city government consultant, had a disastrous attempt at running for city councilman in 2012.

They also flirt and swap innuendos like mad, frequently engage in passionate make-out sessions (often fueled by alcohol), and generally act in ways that no parent would want their teens imitating.

" /Parents need to know that this long-running dating show offers exaggerated and dangerous ideas of what adult relationships are like.

Therapist Joe--That's right, he is a real person, and in his special sections, he answers all the questions you wanted to know, and some that you didn't about relationships, from the one-night stand to tying the knot.

A list of the absolute worst dating shows of all time, ranked by TV fans everywhere.

This list has the most awful dating shows in television history, from celebrity dating shows, to game show style dating shows.

Which are the absolute worst dating shows that have ever aired on television?

Sarcastic comments and thought bubbles flash across the screen during the silent, self-conscious moments that inevitably occur as the hapless subjects try to get to know each other in the car as they drive to prearranged date locations.

The producers of Blind Date are well aware of the fact that they're giving us junk television.

The reason for Steve’s spectacular failing had to do with his record as an officer in the San Tana police force where he was charged with multiple conduct violations, and according to the OC Weekly, was the subject of several excessive force lawsuits – including a case where a jaywalker received a 2,000 settlement as a result of Steve’s treatment.

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