Red hot bothered indie rock guide to dating

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Red hot bothered indie rock guide to dating

Leave it to the Red Hot Organization to rescue indie rock from its hormonal slump.The Red Hot Organization goes indie in a most compelling fashion.

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Billed as The Indie Rock Guide to Dating, this compilation is every bit as geeky cool as it purports to be.

Though not every artist here is the cream of the crop, enough Grade A contributions make the endeavor more than a bit successful.

The Folk Implosion was an American indie rock/lo-fi band founded in the early 1990s by Lou Barlow and John Davis.

It was initially a side-project started by Barlow to explore different territory than that being canvassed with his primary band at the time, Sebadoh. Though the band attempted to duplicate the success of that song, their subsequent albums and singles were nowhere near as successful as "Natural One".

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