Prometheus carbon dating

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Prometheus carbon dating - polish dating in chicago

It is a testament to the film’s grandeur that I was absolutely captivated by it from one end to the other.Because everything else about the movie is mind-numbingly awful.

While some of this was expected because of the heritage it had to live up to, I do believe this may be due to it containing some elements that some found too subtle and unexplained.

Doesn't carbon dating or potassium argon dating prove the Earth is millions of years old? var Folder=Creation Evolution&var Page=Carbon Aitken, M.

Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating the age of trees by the number of rings that they have grown.

Of course, there are spoilers flying as furiously as pressurized acidic blood there, so if you haven’t seen the movie, you might not want to read it.

And if you have, feel free to leave comments there!

At some point though, the details the plot, especially when the movie revolves around those points.

So I wrote up some thoughts and sent them over to the good folks at Blastr, who added some pictures from the movie and let me rant.The problem can be easily summed up: The script is two tons of stupid in a one ton bag.The rest of this post is just a venting litany of its stupidities, so…Young Earth creationists are not fans of it, because dendrochronology often finds that certain trees are older than the young Earth is supposed to be.Trees continally grow outward during their lifespan by surrounding the central, live section with dead cells, or bark.This also had an effect on the biological liquids in the canisters, causing them to start expanding (liquids can expand when the temperature radically canges).

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