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These patients may also be more refractory to the normal allergy treatment regimen.

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While the internet it a wonderful tool, it doesn't discriminate in the information it helps spread - right or wrong, you can find it online!The national food standards body (FSANZ) provides information to help consumers understand all the food labelling requirements, and how to read food labels.How to read a food label is explained in the section about understanding food labels.Allergen extract intended to use for the diagnosis and treatment are subjected the national jurisdiction and Drug Rules, In Western countries preparation of allergen extracts falls under the category of special biological product which complies the condition which are recommended for injectable products with the code of G. Allergenic extracts which are prepared to test skin sensitivity, generally, do not confirm pharmaceutical standards and hence differ from commercial allergen extracts.When an allergen is listed an important allergen based on aerobiological data and skin sensitivity test using non-pharmaceutical allergenic extract, it fails to show its diagnostic and therapeutic value.So the purpose of this article is to help bring some clarity to the topic of buying royal jelly while providing you with some tips of what you should look for in a quality product.

There are huge variances in the quality and prices of royal jelly.

Patients should be instructed to recognize adverse reaction symptoms, be observed in the office for at least 30 minutes after skin testing or treatment, and be cautioned to contact the physician's office if symptoms occur.

See ADVERSE REACTION section of this package insert regarding adverse event reporting.

Allergenic extracts are concentrated solutions or suspensions of Allergens used for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders.

Allergenic extracts comprise a large group of products that are unique compared to other biological and conventional pharmaceuticals.

2 Refer to the WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, ADVERSE REACTIONS and OVERDOSE Sections for further discussion.

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