Podpress not updating itunes

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Everything about how your show is listed in the i Tunes podcast directory (and many other podcast directories) is pulled directly from your RSS feed.Here's what you need to know to change the information.

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We recommend testing your image with a different graphics viewer other than the one that you used to create the graphics to check for the true size.

Apple says they will now update directory listings once every 24 hours.

Problematic if Apple just visited your site 5 minutes before you hit publish on the hottest story of the decade.

Podcasters with evergreen content this change means little.

Since July of 2005 when Apple introduced Podcast to i Tunes this has been a critical feature in more ways than one.

For more information on all of these tags, look at the i Tunes podcast specifications from Apple.

All of the following information is in order of precedence.Other times solutions involve changing super aggressive Web server rules that were disabled by overzealous server administrators.The following page documents the most common of these issues and some typical examples.When content is not formatted correctly in directories such as i Tunes, it is usually an indication that your feed has been manipulated in some way.Follow our Diagnose player/feed issues page to diagnose the problem.(If you didn't, then see #5 below.) Then you need to raise your feed item limit in your RSS feed.

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    For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, take a look.