Peerblock not updating

23-May-2019 11:13 by 3 Comments

Peerblock not updating - vicky t dating

And even if you deleted your local cached lists to force a new download, the servers were only giving us the last new file they knew of . Otherwise your next regularly scheduled list-download should pick up the new lists for you automatically.

In fact, Peer Block will be switching over to them by default starting with our next release.If you have any questions or comments please contact us. Admin posted this in diffrent thread : "In the meantime, if you want to "force" an update you can delete all the *files in your C:\Progam Files\Peer Block\lists directory (but *not* any of the *.p2p files!! Is this the end of Peer Block or do you just not want to comment. This also meant that - which Peer Block has recommended as a "preferred list provider" ever since our users started complaining about the speed/stability issues with Bluetack's servers a year or two ago (problems which have reportedly been resolved since then) - was likewise unable to retrieve updated lists from Bluetack.It will go ahead and auto update and download as needed it.I know that it will not need to download every time I start it up.I have tried re-starting Peer Block and also running the update tool from the program itself not just the auto update. The problem has resolved itself and is updating like it should. If I see the problem again here soon I will be posting again and getting the information to you soon.

I am thinking that there might be a bug going on or that the servers are down?? Up until now Peer Block has been running with no problems at all, and I know that I haven't changed anything with my computer itself. Thanks So Much, Mark7lincoln We are going to need your PB log, conf, and dmp (if necessary) files (which are found in PB files in your hard-drive typically the "C" drive) to help us find out your problem and a solution. The servers seem to be much faster than the Phoenix Labs ones, and are That's it!After closing the List Manager window, Peer Block should automatically download the updated blocklists and re-generate the list cache. Or, if you're more of a "visual learner", i Blocklist has a video tutorial of this available.Peer Block maintains the functionality of the original Peer Guardian 2 program, but includes fixes for various issues that remain unaddressed in the latest (~3 year old) version of PG2. Make sure to read the "Known Issues" sticky to see if your problem's already known (and maybe resolved), and also for what we need from you if we're going to be able to help! You can also post and report any problems you're having with the forum software itself or if you have any ideas on how to improve it, or just generally post any discussions you have not specifically related to Peer Block Support.Please note this does not mean you are allowed to spam the forums. Is there a MOD out there that is going to comment on this or do you not know? Been a supporter for over 2 years and every time i seen or wrote a post it was responded to within 24 hours. So attempts to download lists from uk were downloading an older copy of their list files.