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Cannes Classics 2017 Sélection officielle Le programme de Cannes Classics 2017 sera dédié en grande partie à l’histoire du Festival.

Il y a bientôt quinze ans, alors que la relation du cinéma contemporain à sa propre...

édition du Festival de Cannes a battu son plein aux marches du Palais.

Venues des quatre coins du globe, les artistes et les personnalités qui font le cinéma d’aujourd’hui se sont rassemblés en l’honneur de l’anniversaire d’une manifestation forte en événements. En poursuivant votre navigation sur nos sites,vous acceptez l'installation et l'utilisation de cookies sur votre poste, notamment à des fins promotionnelles et/ou publicitaires, dans le respect de notre politique de protection de votre vie privée.

This film really opened up my perspective on film making as a process and I got an opportunity to work with some of the best names from across the world”, says Richa.

We eagerly wait for this movie to come out on big screens.

John Doe, et al., Additional Defendants, and Western National Bank, Respondent, v. ANALYSIS A receivership is an equitable remedy, in which the court has the discretion “to do what is best for all concerned.” Minn.

First United Funding, LLC, Defendant, Lighthouse Management Group, as Receiver for First United Funding, LLC, Respondent.

The movie depicts the brutal realities of human trafficking across the globe and the film was also shot in Mumbai followed by a schedule in Los Angeles.

Portraying a character in such an intense movie must be definitely difficult and as we all know Richa never keeps any stone unturned, for this character she did many things to understand and feel the emotions of the character is going through.

This is my third international project and the experience to have worked on this film is really unique and enriching.