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The key identifying feature of the Type 56 included a folding bayonet mounting underneath the barrel.

The Type 56 was discovered in enemy hands far more often than standard Russian-made AK-47s or AKMs.Besides practice, these items are excellent investments in assisting the true rifleman in delivering accurate, consistent fire down range.SKS trigger groups have an excellent design thanks to Mr. The problem lies with their hasty assembly which precludes extracting the potential from the design.NORINCO of China handled manufacture and Bangladesh Ordnance Factory in Bangladesh signed on to produce local license-production copies.To date, some 10 to 15 million examples are believed to have been produced.This becomes even more important when you realize that the "safety" merely blocks the trigger lever and does not secure either the hammer or the sear.

Their safety and performance can be greatly improved with reduced pull, reduced creep, smoothness, repeatability, and clear 2 stage operation.To make the Soviet AK-47 readily available and at a lower procurement cost, the Chinese took to locally manufacturing the assault rifle under the designation of "Type 56" albeit with some slight alterations to suit Chinese taste/needs.Overall, however, the Type 56 remained true to her AK-47 origins, making the Type 56 nothing more than a budget Chinese copy of the original.Gun Collections Online is a website dedicated to helping people get top dollar for their guns and gun collections.By leveraging our internet marketing knowledge, and experience, Gun Collections Online can provide exposure to firearms and firearm collections to qualified collectors and shooting enthusiasts around the United States.Early Type 56 production models also featured visible markers for the single-shot and full-automatic fire modes, marked distinctly (and respectively) as "D" and "L".