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If your card is declined, an error message displays immediately after clicking the Submit Order button.

This web design icon illustrates one of the most commonly used graphics for online shopping cart and ecommerce web sites.

Butterfield offers outstanding career opportunities for motivated, talented, hard working professionals with an appreciation for fine food and superior customer service.

If you are interested in applying for a position in our retail division: please email [email protected] job inquiries in our catering division: please email [email protected]

Enter your card information, including the card type, card number, expiration date, CV2 code, and billing address, and then click Submit Order at the bottom of the page.

When an order is submitted using a card payment, the information is sent using advanced SSL Security to authorize the amount, but no money is withdrawn from the account.

The icon can be used both commercially and for personal use, but you must always add a link to at least one prominent page on your site.

When you're ready to checkout and want to pay using your Visa, Master Card, American Express, *Discover, or *JCB credit or debit card, select the Credit Card payment method.

*NOTE: Discover and JCB cards are only available for domestic customers.

You can use it to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, worldwide. And with the Picture Cards option, you can customize it to look any way you want to!

Housh responded to an e-mail sent by CNN to an Anonymous website asking for an interview. "If you want to go on [in a portal] and say, 'Let's attack this group and the majority of the people who are in that portal at that time agree, then that group will be targeted.

Housh, speaking by telephone, said he's only monitoring Anonymous' activity and has not participated in the Wiki Leaks-related attacks. If the majority of people present in the portal decide -- at that time -- that your suggested target is a dumb idea, nobody acts." Network researcher Dr.

Please ensure that your card details and personal information have been entered correctly.