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Trailblazers isn't a singles club for those who like to meet once a month for a meal and then go home to watch the early evening news.

Noting it is important for parents to also distinguish between romantic relationships and dating in the typical sense, Beaudry emphasized the importance of open communication.

“Parents need to communicate with their child all along the way to understand, set expectations, and help their child make good decisions during this exciting, confusing, and sometimes heart-breaking time in their life,” she said.

According to Michelle Keyworth of Greater Nashua Mental Health Center at Community Council, there is no set age, as kids “develop emotionally at different rates and times.” “One child may be interested in dating at 12, while another doesn’t think about it until 15,” she added.

“Regardless of age, parents will want to have a conversation with their child about dating.” Sandra Beaudry, counseling director at Child and Family Services in Manchester, agrees and said any discussion regarding a child’s readiness to date needs to be made within “the contexts of the differences between friendships and romantic or potentially romantic relationships and expectations regarding these types of relationships.” Noting much of the discussion should be values-driven, she said other related ideas to consider include how responsible the youth is in other areas of his/her life as well as his/her ability to show respect for others.

Acknowledging that parents may never truly if their child is ready for dating, Seacoast Mental Health Center’s Jessica Ross said “honest communication about safety and choices” can help determine if teens/ pre-adolescents “are mature, responsible and able to make safe, healthy, appropriate decisions for themselves when they are alone and amongst their peers.” “These are very important aspects to consider when faced with the idea of and question, ‘Can I go out on a date, Mom and Dad? According to Ross, another important thing to keep in mind is what is actually meant by the term “dating,” as it along with such concepts as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” could imply something substantially different depending on a child’s age.

For kids younger than 10, Ross said such terms could simply refer to kids “hanging out on the playground” or sitting next to one another, while for older kids such terminology might be more closely related to an adult’s view and involve unsupervised time alone.

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Trailblazers provide a wide range of activities for single adults as well as opportunities to meet new friends. The club is propelled by member involvement at the monthly meetings and other events.

The Trailblazers can be found hamming it up at the zoo, attending murder mysteries, bowling, or just holding serious discussions about topics of interest.

Beaudry added that dating can also occur by involving your child’s “object of affection” in your family’s everyday activities, group activities (supervised or not), or limited activities such as school dances.

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