Navy yard dating

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Britain's HMS Daring was pictured in Istanbul today after sailing through the Bosphorus toward's Russia's coastline, The Sun reported.

On August 12, 1901, the Navy formally took possession of the property with Captain Edwin Longnecker as the first Commandant.

The Yard was quickly surveyed and laid out, a work force organized, and the construction of buildings and a dry dock began.

The four Typhoons, from 3 (Fighter) Squadron led the deployment, which is part of the Nato southern air policing mission.

The news comes after Moscow’s top diplomat in the UK warned Britain's relationship with Russia is the worst it has ever been.

Four RAF Typhoon pilots also set off for Eastern Europe today to patrol the skies over the Black Sea alongside local jets.

Theresa May sanctioned the deployment to reassure Eastern European countries in the face of increased aggression from Vladimir Putin.

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The Royal Navy have sailed a warship into the Black Sea in what could be seen as a message to aggressive Russian President Putin.

The move comes just a few months after Russia sailed their own navy within sight of the White Cliffs of Dover on its way to Syria.

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