Lx200gps ra pec updating

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(2/16/02) Client Application (04/08/13) Auto Star III Version 1.x (12/06/09) ROM Version 5.x (02/11/11) ROM Version 4.x (02/03/09) ROM Version 3.x (09/27/05) ROM Version 2.x ROM Version 1.x Version 5.9.3 - from Meade's site (04/08/13) 08/06/11 NEW AUTOSTAR UPDATER SOFTWARE NOW AVAILABLE.

For information on updating from old Autostar versions to the current version, see the Important Download Information page.Second possibly only to Ray Gralak who developed the software.During this time, I have learned many of the key issues that determine how well PEMPro will improve the quality of your mounts PE.A negative value means that the motor will move in the opposite direction than expected in order to take up backlash: if non-zero, then parallel port pin 17 used to signal the direction of the 'A' motor backlash: logical high if backlash direction is CCW, logical low if backlash direction is CW (can be used to control motorized counterweights); starting value is logical low: these limits are active only when Hs Timer Flag is set to 1 (on); if Hs Timer Flag is on and desiring to disable the alt limits, set both alt limits to 0; if Hs Timer Flag is on and desiring to disable the az limits, set both az limits to 0 The following are drift rates that a star will be dragged across an autoguider with knife-edge detector.These autoguiders work by expecting the tracking rate to be slightly off guaranteeing that the star will always eventually move across the knife-edge.The altitude is measured by using a precision level to set the tube horizontal, resetting alt to 0, then moving the scope via the motors until the precision level indicates the tube is exactly vertical.

The ratio between the displayed alt and 90 degrees is the amount to adjust the step size by.Syntax: values in B# while the initial startup message is being displayed , b# while waiting for the selection of the Startup Mode, S# during a Cold Start or G# if startup was completed with an equatorial mount selected, A# if startup was completed with an Alt/Az mount selected.Usable for testing the serial link and determining the type of mount (German Equatorial or Alt/Az).Through trial and error, I have been able to get PEMPro to correct my mount as good as I think any mount can be programmed.The results have been dramatically better guiding and better images. I believe that many of my experiences can help those that have a mount that has PEC playback firmware as part of its feature set and are using to PEMPro to correct the mounts PE as best as possible.First off, there are things that PEMPro can correct and those that it cant.